How to build and drive value from your CMDB

Thank you for your interest. This event is at full capacity.
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Many ServiceNow customers ask for real-world guidance on how to build an effective and trusted Configuration Management Database (CMDB). ServiceNow has consolidated key best practices and lessons learned into a CMDB workshop session which we are bringing to Chicago on February 26th.

This workshop is a collaborative hands-on session targeted towards CMDB owners, change and configuration managers, service management managers/directors.

During this workshop, we will jointly identify:

  • CMDB value for your organization
  • CMDB goals & objectives in the context of best practices including:
    • Critical design considerations
    • Building (and maturing) trustworthy data via platform automation
    • Staying healthy via self-healing remediation
  • Ideal use cases relevant to your organization
8:30am Registration & breakfast
9:00am Welcome & introduction / the CMDB challenge
9:15am Critical design considerations for CMDB success
10:30am Build and mature your CMDB with hands-on lab exercises
12:00pm Networking lunch and Partner showcase
1:00pm Keeping your CMDB healthy with hands-on lab exercises
02:00pm Content review, Q&A, closing remarks