Find out what the future of work means for you

Date: 15th and 16th of May 2019
Location: Webinar

We’ve set up a series of Webinars for you to help you learn more about discover how modern digital workflows can create great experiences and unlock productivity

Learn new ways to break down silos, deliver better employee experiences, delight your customers, and transform the way you work. Join product experts to learn first-hand how the innovations of today will impact your business tomorrow.

Make your own selection of webinars depending on what content resonates the most for you and your organization.

Live Webinars:

  • Keynote & IT Transformation: 15th of May at 09:00am CET. Why IT is the key to your organization’s successful digital transformation. Learn more here.
  • AIOPs: Deliver high-performance and business services with visibility and AIOps. Learn more here.
  • Platform Apps: New ways anyone can build enterprise apps – fast. Learn more here.
  • HR: How next-gen employee experiences can lead to a major productivity boost - Learn more here.
  • Customer Success Management The fastest service path from customer issue to resolution - Learn more here.
  • Security : How to predict a vulnerability will be exploited in the wild, getting the jump on threat actors – Learn more here.