Competing in the era of AI – How ServiceNow supports your AI-first strategy

Date: Thursday, July 30, 2020  
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CEST

Jeroen van Gassel (Sen. Advisory Solution Consultant, ServiceNow) Patrick Wentz (Solution Sales - Customer Workflows, ServiceNow), Christopher Harms (Sen. Advisory Solution Consultant, ServiceNow)

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In this webinar we will discuss the elements of an AI first strategy, what it means to ramp up your customer service with ServiceNow AI solutions. We will present how ServiceNow’s in platform AI capabilities will ramp up your customer service processes. Besides, we show real examples of how agents become smarter by using these AI capabilities in their daily work. Last but not least, we will share insight into potential business cases.

Webinar topics are:

  • Classify the case category and to assign it to the right resolution group instantly
  • Use Natural language understanding to understand the customer intent and entity as soon as possible to kick off the right actions
  • Show similar open or closed cases shorten the case triage time or to identify major cases
  • Use Natural language Querying so that anyone gets insights they need to make better decisions
  • Analyze and understand customer demand by using the clustering feature


  • What is AI-first strategy and how does ServiceNow support that
  • How to use AI to improve your customer service processes
  • Where can agents take advantage of the in platform AI capabilities
  • Use AI to understand your customer demand better
  • Q&A

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